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Can I Bring My Own Router?

Please note that our Wireless Internet service is distinct from our mobile phone plans. SIM cards designed for mobile phones are not suitable for use in routers. To access our Wireless Internet service, you must use devices that are exclusively available for purchase on this website.

What Is Wireless Internet?

Experience the convenience of our Wireless Internet service, harnessing the robust 4G LTE or 5G network - depending on signal availability at your eligible location. It is delivered through a versatile cellular gateway device, offering the combined functionalities of a router and a modem. This device seamlessly converts the cellular signal into a Wi-Fi network, enabling all your home devices to connect effortlessly. Installation is a breeze, and you can do it yourself in just about 5 minutes.

How Much Does More4Less Wireless Internet Cost?

The cost of More4Less Wireless Internet can be found on our Pricing page. We take pride in offering transparent pricing with no annual service contracts and no hidden fees. Additionally, our exceptional Customer Care Team is available to assist you throughout the day. For detailed pricing information, please visit this page.

Does The Wireless Internet Need a Scheduled Installation?

No! The Wireless Internet service is plug-n-play and fully portable. You are not restricted to using it at one location. You can even connect a dedicated router to our modem using an ethernet cable.

Is It Actually Unlimited Wi-Fi?

We don't have data limits. Period. There is no throttling or cap to the amount of Wi-Fi you use.

Can I Cancel When Not Using The Service?

Yes! This is a common request.
There is no fee to cancel. Cancellations can be made 24/7 using our self-serve portal! Depending on the length of time that your service was inactive, you may need to purchase a new SIM card to reactivate your router. To restore a service that you've previously canceled, please contact us.

Can I Take My Router To The USA?

We offer an addon that can be added upon activation to allow you to have access to the USA network.

How Long Does It Take To Receive The Hardware After Placing An Order?

Please allow 1-2 days for order processing. Shipping itself takes only 2-6 days. Express shipping is availiable at checkout with 1-2 day delivery

Is There A Referral Program?

Yes. There are no costs to join our Affiliate Program. We pay commissions for sales you refer. There is no limit on how much you can earn!

Is There A Refund Policy?

We offer a full 7-day money-back guarantee where you can return your equipment for a full refund!

Are There Any Extras/Hidden Fees?

No contracts. You can cancel for the winter or anytime you wish with no cancellation fees.

Will My Price Increase Unexpectedly?

Your price is locked in. No exploding bills. No hidden fees. The price you sign up will not increase for as long as you keep your service active!

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FAQ: Phone Plans

Will This Plan Work for Me?

We can guarantee service for all Canadians who sign up and bring a compatible device!

Is It Really Unlimited?

Yes! No data caps or restrictions. Many customers use over insane amounts of blazing fast data every month!

What are the Speeds/Coverage Like?

The Bottomless Data Plan gives you service in Canada. We have addons available for roaming in the USA. We do not have any infrustructure of our own, as we are not a cellular carrier. We manage your access to the major carrier networks. The network and speeds are all top tier LTE/5G service from "The Big Three".

Can I Get a New Phone?

Not with us. Bring Your own device only. This will actually save you money.

I am Already With a Differet Provider. Can I Still Register?

Yes. This plan is available to all who bring their own device! Check with your current provider to see if you are in a contract.

Can I Keep My Number?

Our service comes with a new phone number. Depending on your plan it may be a Canadian number, or even a USA number. Contact us if you'd like to pick a specific area code.

How Do I Make Payments?

When you activate you will be walked through how to set up autopay! We accept all major credit cards.

Will This Work With My Router?

We do not offer any guarantee that this will work in a device that is not a mobile phone. To find out if your cellular phone is compatible with the network, click here.

Will My Plan Expire or Increase in Price?

Once you sign up for auto-pay your plan is locked in. No price increases will ever happen for an active line signed up for autopay. Pricing is always increasing so order now to lock in your price!

Can I Change My Plan Mid-Term?

You prepay for 30 days of our services upon activation, any unused services from your current plan is forfeited if you change to another plan. We recommend waiting until your term is complete to change your plan - a new SIM card may be required to change plans.

How Long To Get My SIM Card?

We mail out SIM cards the same day or next day, via Canada Post mail. eSIM is delivered digitally within one business day. Contact us for an estimated delivery.

What Happens If I Cancel?

You can cancel your service at anytime via our self serve customer portal. There are no fees when cancelling. A new SIM card may be requires if you decide to reinstate your service.