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5G Cellular Service. No Hidden Fees. No Overages.

How To Get Started?

Simple Three Step Process

Purchase a SIM Card

Our Triple Punch SIM Card

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Once you receive your SIM card activate it.


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Is This For You?

No Credit Checks

Our services are accessible to everyone, regardless of credit history. Enjoy hassle-free signup without the need for credit checks.

Family Discounts

Save more with our exclusive family discounts. Whether you’re adding lines or upgrading plans, everyone in your family benefits from reduced rates.

Easy Roaming

Stay connected seamlessly wherever you go with our easy roaming feature. Add our USA Roaming Package!

Unlimited Streaming

Stream without limits with our unlimited streaming option. Enjoy endless hours of entertainment and stay connected with your favorite content.

Easy Contract-Free AutoPay

Manage your payments effortlessly with our contract-free AutoPay option. Never miss a payment and enjoy the convenience of automated billing.

Moneyback Guarantee

Experience peace of mind with our money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our service, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Pricing made easy

Monthly Subscriptions


$69/ mo

  • 50GB High-Speed Usage
  • LTE Speeds
  • No Overages
  • USA Access Option
  • Get Started Now


$99/ mo

  • Unlimited High-Speed Usage
  • 5G Speeds
  • No Overages
  • USA Access Option
  • Get Started Now

Ready To Join?

Order a SIM Card Now!

We can guarantee service for all Canadians who sign up and bring a compatible device!

Yes! No data caps or restrictions. Many customers use mind-boggling amounts of blazing fast data every month!

The Bottomless Data Plan provides top-tier LTE/5G service across Canada. We offer add-ons for USA roaming. Although we don’t own infrastructure, we manage access to major carrier networks, ensuring premium speeds and coverage from “The Big Three.”

Not with us. Bring Your own device only. This will actually save you money.

Yes. This plan is available to all who bring their own device! Just check with your current provider to see if you are in a contract.

Our service comes with a new phone number. Depending on your plan it may be a Canadian number, or even a USA number. Contact us if you'd like to pick a specific area code.

When you activate you will be walked through how to set up autopay! We accept all major credit cards.

We do not offer any guarantee that this will work in a device that is not a mobile phone. To find out if your cellular phone is compatible with the network, click here.