Service Terms and Conditions


  • I, me, your, and you refer to the More4Less customer responsible for service payment.
  • We, us, and our denote the More4Less Group.
  • Device includes any wireless telecommunications device used to access the network, such as mobile phones, tablets, Internet keys, etc.
  • Month refers to the thirty-day period from rate plan purchase to service expiration, regardless of calendar months.
  • Service encompasses actions taken to maintain your account's active status and operational efficiency.

Service Operation:

  • More4Less manages personal wireless internet services on behalf of customers.
  • Prepaid service involves advance service purchase.
  • Prepaid service remains valid as long as an active rate plan is maintained on the account, with plans expiring every thirty days unless renewed.
  • Current rates and conditions are available at
  • Prepaid service purchases are non-refundable.
  • Users lacking authorization may seek permission from an authorized account user or have them add data or minutes online.

Legal Compliance and Notices:

More4Less operates in compliance with all relevant laws governing businesses in Canada. Customers are responsible for ensuring device unlock status or eligibility for network usage and settling any fees associated with premature termination of contracts with other carriers. Advertised prices exclude taxes and additional add-ons, representing our standard recommended price. Additional costs arising from selecting a pricier plan option are not our responsibility. The processing fee excludes the first month of service and doesn't facilitate existing number transfers. Dual SIM devices or VOIP apps enable number retention. More4Less reserves the right to remotely update or alter device software and settings without prior notice to ensure continued service compatibility. Lost or stolen devices reported cannot be utilized with the service.

More4Less Group acts as a third-party manager of wireless internet services, providing personal wireless internet services not intended for business use. We disclaim responsibility for any outages causing financial loss, emphasizing that our services are tailored for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Refunds and Returns:

Returned items must be in new, unused condition with original packaging intact. The More4Less Group assumes no liability for goods damaged or lost during return shipment. Customers should utilize insured and trackable mail services.

Billing and Payments:

More4Less retains the authority to restrict, suspend, or cancel services or accounts for various reasons, including breach of agreement, non-payment, or fraud. Late payment incurs a charge of 30 per month, compounded monthly on the outstanding amount. Unpaid amounts, including late payment charges, may be charged via pre-authorized payment methods on your account.

Limitations of Liability:

More4Less disclaims liability for certain circumstances, including libel, slander, or copyright infringement arising from transmitted material or messages, customer equipment misuse, or unlawful transmission. Limitations of liability extend to damages arising from service use or failure, except in cases of deliberate fault, gross negligence, or breach of contract attributable to More4Less. Liability exemptions apply to certain third-party providers and emergency services provision.